Frequently Asked Questions

Can Tokensoft do Regulation D 506(c) or 506(b) sales?

Answer: Tokensoft was founded helping customers comply with Regulation D, 506(c) obligation. This included individual and entity KYC/AML automation.

How much should I expect to raise on Tokensoft?

Answer: The amount raised per customer is dependent upon the customers and dynamics, independent of Tokensoft.

What happens if I don't raise sufficient funds to hit my target?

Answer: Tokensoft is a technology platform and exists independently of a customers effort to raise funding or their performance in fundraising. Tokensoft exists to help customers scale their compliance program associated with banking and securities regulations.

Can you send out marketing emails to the Tokensoft mailing list?

Answer: While Tokensoft has a large user base, it should not be expected that they participate in a token sale or any other activity. Tokensoft's best performing customers build their own community that has an understanding of a customer's technology and is genuinely interested in participating in the the customer's community.

Are all tokens launched on Tokensoft securities?

Answer: While Tokensoft helps customers comply with securities and banking laws per their compliance program, it cannot provide a determination as to whether the regulatory treatment of a token should be as a security or not. This relies on the counsel of the customer and is outside of Tokensoft's control.

Can Tokensoft take a percentage of the sale?

Answer: No.

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