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Looking for a technology platform and partner for its SAFT offering to accredited investors in 63 countries

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Hedera Hashgraph seeks to provide an enterprise-grade, public distributed ledger platform that meets the performance and security requirements of ambitious developers and major corporations alike. The platform’s technology carries unique properties that enable its integrity at scale, such as asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance and perfect forward secrecy for encrypted communication at the networking level. The Hedera Hashgraph team was seeking a technology platform that would enable its accredited investor SAFT offering in 63 countries.



Hedera Hashgraph had a unique set of requirements, and the structuring of the offering required a technology partner with experience in international issuance, enterprise-grade scalability, and a “security first” mindset.


“Hedera takes regulatory compliance and security very seriously, and we were pleased to find in TokenSoft a technology provider that is well-versed in relevant regulations and has deep expertise in security issues.”

- Tom Trowbridge, President, Hedera Hashgraph


TokenSoft Supporting Capabilities

International Issuance

A globally accessible sale may carry bespoke country-by-country requirements or a universal treatment of investors. TokenSoft has experience not only with varying banking requirements but also with varying securities requirements internationally. TokenSoft continues to lead the market when it comes to international issuance.


Enterprise-Grade Scalability

TokenSoft carries a breadth of experience when it comes to scaling blockchain applications securely and web applications alike. In its highest volume sale, the TokenSoft platform processed 28,000 individuals through the issuer's KYC/AML requirements. This is a level of scalability that TokenSoft has uniquely been able to successfully execute on.


Security First

The TokenSoft team, which carries a pedigree at blockchain security provider BitGo and software security providers Symantec and RSA, designed the platform with the understanding that malware and unauthorized transfer of cryptocurrency is commonplace in the blockchain-based issuance market. Ernst & Young recently reported that 10% of the $3.7 billion raised from blockchain-based issuance up until November of 2017 had been lost due to unauthorized access of the funds. TokenSoft continues to lead the market in security-first solutions for primary issuance.

"From the start, the TokenSoft team worked closely with us and our legal counsel to help us meet our regulatory requirements."

- Tom Trowbridge, President, Hedera Hashgraph


Successful Hedera Project 

The environment around the initial issuances of digital assets continues to evolve, both with respect to regulatory compliance and technological requirements. We’re excited to have executed on a successful accredited investor SAFT offering and to have been the trusted technology provider to the Hedera Hashgraph team for their $104M institutional and accredited investor SAFT sale.


If you are seeking an unmatched level of execution when it comes to security, scalability, and compliance, we’d love to hear from you.




This release is for informational purposes only, does not constitute an offer or solicitation to sell securities, and shall not be construed as legal advice in any jurisdiction. Certain information set forth in this release contains “forward-looking statements” under applicable securities laws. TokenSoft undertakes no obligation to update forward-looking statements if circumstances or management’s estimates or opinions should change, except as required by applicable securities laws.

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