Manage your digital securities

simply, safely and securely

Secure your digital securities with Knox Wallet

Knox Wallet's mobile-first approach

represents a paradigm shift in the user experience for

managing cold storage of cryptocurrencies and digital securities.


We've reimagined everything.

Multi-Asset Support

Use the same private keys to manage all of your digital assets and digital securities in one place. 

Time Tested Key Models

A key model that's moved billions, we use a two of three multi-signature key model. This means that Knox wallets allow for three possible cosigners with a requirement for any two of them to sign a transaction before the network will accept it as valid.

The Gold-Standard of Wallets

There was no easy to use solution, so we decided to start from scratch. Our wallet is designed by user experience experts in order to provide a simple and elegant experience unavailable elsewhere.

Three Levels of Security

Knox Wallet incorporates three levels of security. By keeping your keys encrypted, storing them offline, and requiring multiple owners, Knox Wallet ensures the safety of your funds.

Secure your digital securities with
Knox Wallet

Launch with Confidence

Leverage the expertise of the TokenSoft team to ensure your launch runs smoothly.

We've moved billions and launched security software globally. Now we're here to help you get through your securitized offering with peace of mind.

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