The Lightning Network represents the first technological paradigm shift on the Bitcoin network in nearly half a decade. It was at the end of the BIP revolution that network traffic greatly increased and transaction malleability became an issue. Most notably it was the Bitcoin transaction fees that began to exceed a dollar. The Lightning Network represents several years of blood, sweat, and tears that resulted in Segwit and a solution to the high transaction fees.

Its time for the Lightning revolution.

At TokenSoft, we rely heavily on underlying networks such as Bitcoin, and Ethereum. So it’s imperative for us to give back to the networks and help support them the best we can. At our company offsite this week, we spent some time thinking about how to support the next paradigm shift in Bitcoin.

How We’re Helping

We’ve setup our own Lightning node and are enabling everyone to connect to the Lightning Network for free. All you have to do is set up a lightning channel and connect to our node using the instructions below and we will refund your transaction fee for the next three days.

You may connect using the following commands — If you are not set up for Lightning, see the instructions below.

<pre><code>$ ./cli/lightning-cli connect  0235447c7485ff2b945bac5fbc366d54a87389bab8cacf1b64b26ec01e96bd165a 9735$ ./cli/lightning-cli fundchannel 0235447c7485ff2b945bac5fbc366d54a87389bab8cacf1b64b26ec01e96bd165a 50000</code></pre>

Once you’re connected tweet us @tokensoftinc with your lightning node id, IP address, and your invoice and we will send you a refund for your fee. This offer will only be valid between 9AM and 6PM PT and will end on Saturday at 6PM PT.

How to setup a lightning node

Disclaimer: The lightning network is still not production ready and not recommended for high value transactions. Current implementations can contains bugs which may lead to a loss of funds. Please proceed after conducting your own diligence.

Using AWS launch a using the Ubuntu 16.04 image, for more detailed instructions you may follow the guide here.Log into your EC2 server and clone install it using the following command: $ sudo apt-get install software-properties-common$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin$ sudo apt-get update$ sudo apt-get install -y bitcoindAllow the node to fully sync. Use the following command to monitor what block number is currently synced. Once your node is synced with the most recent block, continue.

<pre><code>$ bitcoin-cli getinfo{  "version" : 109900,       "protocolversion" : 70002,       "walletversion" : 60000,       "balance" : 0.00000000,       "blocks" : 359646,              <------------  ="" "timeoffset"="" :="" 0,="" "connections"="" 2,="" "proxy"="" "",="" "difficulty"="" 47589591153.62500763,="" "testnet"="" false,="" "keypoololdest"="" 1425569670,="" "keypoolsize"="" 101,="" "paytxfee"="" 0.00000000,="" "relayfee"="" 0.00001000="" }<="" code=""></------------></code></pre>

4. Using the same machine install lightning. Then run Bitcoin and Lightning.

<pre><code>$ git clone </code></pre>$ cd lightning$ make$ bitcoind &  ./lightningd/lightningd &  ./cli/lightning-cli help

5. Get a lightning deposit address and send funds to it:

<pre><code>$ ./cli/lightning-cli newaddr</code></pre>

6. Fund that address with at least 100,000 Satoshis.

7. Send @TokenSoftInc your node ID and IP on Twitter and we’ll connect:

<pre><code>$ ./cli/lightning-cli connect  0235447c7485ff2b945bac5fbc366d54a87389bab8cacf1b64b26ec01e96bd165a 9735$ ./cli/lightning-cli fundchannel 0235447c7485ff2b945bac5fbc366d54a87389bab8cacf1b64b26ec01e96bd165a 50000</code></pre>