Tokensoft is proud to announce that our customers can now issue and manage up to 1,000 unique digital assets within a single interface.

“This presents a significant step forward in the support of our institutional customers as they scale. As of today, an institutional customer can issue up to 1,000 financial products in the asset class of their choice,” said Mason Borda, CEO

Tokensoft’s customers can now use the Tokensoft platform to:

  • Track multiple asset classes including securities, commodities and virtual currencies
  • Create unique cap tables and administrative roles for each digital asset
  • Configure transferability for each permissioned or permissionless digital asset
“For real estate, this represents a huge opportunity for industry growth. By leveraging the Tokensoft platform, real estate issuers and sponsors can now manage multiple offerings, whether that's fractionalized single-properties, or funds, all from an intuitive dashboard,” said Shea Curran, Director of Business Development

The inaugural customer of the advanced platform is, a digital asset issuer creating cross-blockchain wrapped assets. The new feature enables them to manage Wrapped Zcash and Wrapped Filecoin through a single interface.