San Francisco, 13 August 2020 – Tokensoft Inc. (Tokensoft), a leading technology platform for blockchain-enabled securities, announced today a partnership with Anchorage to serve retail and institutional investors participating in SEC-registered blockchain securities. The joint integration provides support for two issuers, the Arca US Treasury Fund and INX Ltd., on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-1404 standard. The joint solution provides a seamless experience for investors in publicly-traded, digital asset securities to invest directly with issuers using the Tokensoft platform and to custody the assets using the Anchorage platform.

"ArCoin and INX are two important firsts for finance, and represent significant steps forward for the industry. We're proud to partner with Tokensoft to give investors what they want: an easy, secure way to access and hold blockchain-based securities," said Nathan McCauley, CEO of Anchorage.

Issuers of digital asset securities today have the option to store their securities in open-source wallets, posing a challenge to mainstream investors. With the Anchorage platform, investors are provided an integrated solution that operates much like traditional custodians and brokerage accounts today. The joint-solution provides a seamless experience and can help investors meet the requirement to hold assets with a qualified custodian under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 directly from the Tokensoft platform.

“The blockchain-based securities market is only three years old. In this short time we’ve been tasked with providing issuers and investors a superior experience than what is available in the legacy financial markets today. We’re fortunate to have partners like Anchorage to bring this vision to light. With this partnership, we’re able to bring to market a more secure, transparent and easy to use solution than what the banks are able to provide today,” said Mason Borda, CEO of Tokensoft.

The Anchorage integration enhances the Tokensoft platform with a full-service custody solution to provide the following services to the blockchain securities market:

  • Integrated Custody Services — A direct integration with the Tokensoft platform enables institutional investors using the Tokensoft platform to, for the first time ever, store their digital asset securities with a Qualified Custodian.
  • Transfer Agent Services — The Tokensoft Transfer Agent (TTA) was the first to bring registered digital asset securities to market with the launch of the Arca U.S. Treasury Fund.
  • Security-First Approach — Tokensoft is the first company to bring multi-signature, cold storage technology to the administration of digital asset securities. TTA administers digital asset securities utilizing the ERC-1404 standard along with Hub Security hardware security modules, designed for FIPS 140-2 Level 4, the most stringent standard for cryptographic hardware modules.

The Anchorage platform provides a high level of security and usability to investors in digital asset securities. Notable features include:

  • The best of modern security engineering - client keys are encrypted and held in tamper-proof hardware security modules, strengthened with custom logic. Sensitive operations require biometrically-authenticated quorums and enhanced outlier detection scans and flags outliers for further scrutiny.
  • Purpose-built for institutional investors - Anchorage is easily and fully auditable at any time, making it easy to prove existence of users’ segregated private keys on demand. Industry-leading crime insurance helps institutional investors meet investment policy requirements, and, as a qualified custodian, Anchorage can help Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) meet their custody obligations under federal law.
  • Easily integrate into user workflows - Anchorage users can initiate and approve transactions from anywhere in the world, and fully-approved transactions process in minutes.

To learn more about the joint solution for issuers of SEC registered blockchain securities, contact us here.

About Tokensoft

Tokensoft is a leading technology platform for blockchain-enabled securities based in San Francisco, CA. The Tokensoft platform enables forward-thinking enterprises, asset managers, and financial institutions to fundraise, manage investors, and access secondary market liquidity using the blockchain. The Tokensoft platform has processed investors in over 50 countries and Tokensoft customers have raised or managed over a billion USD.

About Anchorage

Anchorage is the most advanced digital asset platform for institutional investors. From custody and trading, to staking, governance, and financing, Anchorage offers a full range of crypto-native financial solutions that are compliant, built to adapt to emerging blockchain use cases, and made to evolve alongside the needs of digital asset investors. Today, Anchorage serves many of the largest institutional investors and enterprise brands in the digital asset space.

About ERC-1404

ERC-1404 is an Ethereum smart contract standard developed by the Tokensoft development team. ERC-1404 is the most commonly cited standard for security tokens in SEC filings and was recently used in the launch of the first SEC-registered mutual fund on the blockchain, the Arca U.S. Treasury Fund.

About Tokensoft Transfer Agent

Tokensoft Transfer Agent (TTA) is an SEC-registered transfer agent based in San Francisco, CA. TTA serves both privately and publicly trading companies based in the US. TTA uses Tokensoft technology to provide issuers of SEC registered offerings with a fully managed solution on public blockchains.