May 10, 2019, San Francisco, CA -- TokenSoft, Inc., a leading technology platform for global blockchain-based issuances of digital securities, today announced the availability of TokenSoft Consulting Services for enterprise clients.

“We’ve experienced significant institutional demand for our infrastructure solutions and even more demand for strategic expertise to map out a project. We want to invest the time our clients require of us, which is why we’ve decided to formally launch TokenSoft Consulting Services, a packaging of regulatory frameworks, architecture, and technology infrastructure to guide clients well before the TokenSoft infrastructure work starts,” said Mason Borda, CEO, TokenSoft.

As the mix of firms seeking to offer digital securities changes, TokenSoft has found that 75% of larger institutions plan to use in-house solutions for some or all of the required services.

“TokenSoft is excited to leverage our expertise in designing bespoke infrastructure and expand our strategic service offerings to enable enterprises and institutions to adopt a digital security strategy,”

said Borda.

TokenSoft Consulting Services has three main components:

  • Regulatory Support. TokenSoft works closely with you and your in-house compliance team and/or external counsel to assess the breadth of regulatory requirements regardless of jurisdiction.
  • Architecture. Based on the scope of the regulatory requirements, TokenSoft works to develop an architecture that  can include blockchain selection, investor onboarding, primary issuance, custody and trading facility technology.    
  • Technology Infrastructure. TokenSoft provides a roadmap for the tools and technology required to take your digital security product to market. Depending on a client’s preferences and internal capabilities, solutions may be in-house, external (leveraging TokenSoft  technologies and other outside relationships), or a combination thereof.

Clients who engage with TokenSoft Consulting Services receive a Digital Asset Technology Implementation Plan that helps guide clients from strategy to launch of their project. In the first quarter of 2019 alone, TokenSoft worked with half a dozen enterprises in a consulting capacity.

“As larger enterprises get involved in blockchain-based issuances, we expect to see more complex projects that require upfront strategy and consulting,” said Borda. “We have the expertise and experience to help with this important work, which aligns with our mission of broadening access to a unified, global financial fabric through modern financial infrastructure on the blockchain.”

About TokenSoft

TokenSoft is a leading technology platform for companies seeking to issue, manage, and custody digital securities on the blockchain. TokenSoft offers a bespoke suite of technology and consulting services to meet the needs of the entire lifecycle of a digital security, including onboarding, distribution, custody, and ongoing administration. TokenSoft supports the highest standards for regulation and compliance, regardless of jurisdiction. The firm’s clients have raised nearly $500 million in assets. TokenSoft, Inc. does not provide legal advice or engage in broker dealer services.