TokenSoft, the leading platform for financial institutions issuing securities on a blockchain, is launching support for CommerceBlock, a public blockchain-based infrastructure enabling the distribution, exchange, and storage of tokenized assets and securities.

“The CommerceBlock solution provides issuers the ability to deploy a permissioned chain while leveraging Bitcoin’s proven technology stack,” said Mason Borda, CEO of TokenSoft.

“This provides issuers with the full control they need to meet their regulatory requirements as well as the scale they need to meet today’s market demands.”

CommerceBlock features

Independent permissioned sidechains built using CommerceBlock technology and utilizing CommerceBlock services have the following advantages:

  • Issuer controlled policy design and transaction fees
  • Enterprise-level transaction rates and scalability
  • Integration with compliance providers like TokenSoft
  • Customizable block explorer, lightweight and mobile wallet implementations
  • Multisig token issuance with asset management and reporting tools
  • Immutability — backed by Bitcoins Proof-of-Work via the Mainstay protocol

“We are excited that clients can now leverage Tokensoft’s compliance expertise and issuance platform together with our flexible blockchain infrastructure to build the solutions they envision,” said Nicholas A. Gregory, CEO of CommerceBlock.

“Tokensoft is a proven leader in the space for digitalization of assets and securities with an excellent track record.

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About CommerceBlock

CommerceBlock is a unique blockchain development company based in London. The company focuses on building layered solutions on top of the Bitcoin blockchain together with a suite of security services to provide the tools for a distributed financial infrastructure.