San Francisco, May 6 2020 — Tokensoft, Inc., a platform that enables enterprises, asset managers and financial institutions to issue blockchain-enabled securities, announced today its partnership with Tokensoft International AG. Tokensoft International AG, a Swiss corporation based in the canton of Zug, has agreed to a licensing agreement allowing it to distribute TokenSoft Inc. software exclusively in the Swiss and European Union markets.

“We’re seeing increased demand in the European markets and we’re proud to partner with Tokensoft International AG to help meet that demand,” said Mason Borda, CEO, Tokensoft Inc. “This partnership aligns with our vision to restore integrity in the financial markets by accelerating the transfer of assets onto the blockchain, internationally.”

In collaboration with Tokensoft Inc., Tokensoft International AG will be able to provide the market with:

  • Best in class infrastructure — Proven to meet securities regulations in over 50 countries while processing thousands of investors per day.
  • Tailored Compliance —Re-designed to meet Swiss and European financial institutions regulatory guidelines.
  • Custody Support — Compatible with various storage methods including cold-storage and on-premise HSMs.

Tokensoft International AG is uniquely positioned to support the Swiss market, one that continues to be at the forefront of blockchain technology and its adaptation into the financial markets.

About Tokensoft Inc.Tokensoft Inc. is a leading platform for enterprises, funds and financial institutions seeking to launch blockchain-enabled securities. Tokensoft Inc. enables issuers to go direct-to-market and access secondary markets with their securities or financial products, in over 50 markets.For more information, please contact

About Tokensoft International AGTokensoft International AG is a distributor of Tokensoft Inc. technology based in Zug, Switzerland. Tokensoft International AG serves enterprises, asset managers and financial institutions with technology designed to meet Swiss and European cloud and regulatory requirements.

For more information, please contact