TokenSoft Inc., a leading fundraising and management platform for blockchain-enabled securities, today announced it will be joining the Blockchain Association. The Blockchain Association is a D.C.-based organization leading efforts to educate regulators and elected officials on the advantages of utilizing blockchain technology and the need for responsive, national regulatory standards. In addition to joining as a member of the Blockchain Association, TokenSoft’s Chief Legal Officer, Alex Levine will be co-chairing the Association’s newly-formed Security Token Working Group.TokenSoft looks forward to providing a leadership role in providing guidance to regulators and policymakers through the Blockchain Association’s Security Token Working Group to achieve the following objectives:

  • Regulatory Clarity — Providing guidance as to how the blockchain can be used within existing regulatory frameworks.
  • Enhanced Compliance — Providing education and guidance as to how security tokens standards such as ERC-1404 can be used to enhance regulatory compliance above and beyond what is possible today with traditional securities infrastructure.
  • Greater Automation — Evaluating and providing guidance as to how blockchain infrastructure can automate, enhance accountability, and reduce error in transactions by standardizing compliance procedures to the extent possible.

The Blockchain Association plays a key role in fostering dialogue with regulators and policymakers on the benefits of blockchain technology. While the Blockchain Association represents many voices bringing value to the blockchain arena, its leadership understands the specific challenges and opportunities facing TokenSoft.

“We’re excited to add TokenSoft’s expertise as we work with regulators to create nuanced standards to spur the blockchain economy’s growth. Securities law remains a vital issue and the TokenSoft team provides important perspective in support of a pro-business and pro-consumer regulatory solution.” — Kristin Smith, Executive Director of The Blockchain Association

We’re excited to contribute to the Blockchain Association and work alongside with our fellow members to pave the path forward for adoption and usage of digital securities.

TokenSoft is a leading platform for enterprises, funds and financial institutions seeking to launch blockchain-enabled securities. TokenSoft enables issuers to go direct-to-market with their securities or financial products, in over 50 markets.For more information, please contact