Tokensoft is pleased to announce the alpha launch of the Tokensoft software development kit (SDK), a javascript library that streamlines the investor compliance requirements for Broker Dealer and ATS partners. The SDK leverages Tokensoft technology and Tokensoft Transfer Agent operations to enable Broker Dealers and ATSs to seamlessly integrate SEC-registered offerings supported by Tokensoft such as INX Ltd. and Arca Funds.

“The Tokensoft SDK solves issues commonly found in security token infrastructure, such as the duplicate submission or collection of KYC/AML documents that detract from the core value proposition of security tokens: improving realtime investor access to securities”, said Tokensoft product manager Chris Walker.

Tokensoft looks forward to enabling broader adoption of security tokens by providing the following services to the market:

  • A simple interface which enables Broker Dealers and ATSs to integrate SEC-registered security tokens with just two lines of code.
  • A compliance engine with oversight by the Tokensoft Transfer Agent to ensure all transfers meet issuer compliance requirements.
  • A familiar javascript interface to the administration of ERC-1404 digital securities as an alternative to managing assets directly on a blockchain.

To learn more about the Tokensoft SDK, please visit our developer documentation at or to gain early access, contact us here.

About Tokensoft

Tokensoft is a leading technology platform for blockchain-enabled securities based in San Francisco, CA. The Tokensoft platform enables forward-thinking enterprises, asset managers, and financial institutions to fundraise, manage investors, and access secondary market liquidity using the blockchain. The Tokensoft platform has processed investors in over 50 countries and Tokensoft customers have raised or managed over a billion USD.

About Tokensoft Transfer Agent

Tokensoft Transfer Agent (TTA) is an SEC-registered transfer agent based in San Francisco, CA. TTA serves both privately and publicly trading companies based in the US. TTA uses Tokensoft technology to provide issuers of SEC registered offerings with a fully managed solution on public blockchains.

About ERC-1404

ERC-1404 is an Ethereum smart contract standard developed by the Tokensoft development team. ERC-1404 is the most commonly cited standard for security tokens in SEC filings and was used in the launch of the first SEC-registered mutual fund on the blockchain, the Arca U.S. Treasury Fund and the first blockchain IPO, INX Ltd.