TokenSoft provides software services to startups, enterprises, funds, and investment banks who seek to issue tokenized securities.

We’re excited to announce TokenSoft’s partnership with Tierion, a market leader in using blockchain to prove the integrity and timestamp of data, without depending on third-party verification.

“Transparent and irrefutable record keeping is paramount to our service. We are confident Chainpoint technology will provide a higher quality experience for our clients and their counsel.”

— Mason Borda, TokenSoft CEO

Under the partnership, TokenSoft’s token sale platform will now use Tierion’s Chainpoint technology to anchor data from individual purchases to the blockchain, allowing us to provide issuers with a verifiable record of their token sale. When a buyer using the TokenSoft platform submits their digital signature, their signature is linked to the Bitcoin blockchain — allowing issuers to have certainty that a signature has been received and the purchase has been completed. At the end of the purchase process, buyers are given a unique document that is linked to their digital signature. This establishes an irrefutable audit trail for each purchase, allowing issuers to better meet compliance requirements.

“Chainpoint is a great example of leveraging the blockchain for a proper use case. Not only does Chainpoint give us the ability to anchor our data into the most secure blockchain in the world, it was also a simple integration into our tech stack.”

— James Poole, TokenSoft CTO

We’re pleased to continue to raise the bar for tokenized issuance on the blockchain. The integration of Chainpoint with TokenSoft’s sale tracking technology provides issuers with greater peace of mind, and strengthens regulatory compliance in the over 50 countries that we service. If you are seeking to run a compliant token offering to tokenize your assets, you can reach us on the contact form on our website here.

TokenSoft: TokenSoft is the market leader in compliant initial coin offerings and security token offerings alike. The platform enables compliant issuance of tokenized securities in over 50 countries. TokenSoft services startups, enterprises, funds, and investment banks. The San Francisco based team carries a background in security and blockchain infrastructure having previous experience at RSA Security and BitGo.

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