Create and issue digital assets, digital securities, and stable coins. Distribute and manage your assets through a single interface.

Create your asset

  • Use the Tokensoft tokenization platform to configure any compliance requirements around your asset.
  • The stock Tokensoft token contract is designed to meet compliance regulations internationally for both digital assets and digital securities.
  • Create your asset with security in mind, the Tokensoft platform enables role based access control at the protocol level.
  • Support for the Ethereum, Algorand and any other EVM-compatible blockchain.

Distribute your asset

Leverage the Tokensoft platform to issue your digital assets to your community and stakeholders. The Tokensoft tokenization platform is designed to distribute tokens to tens of thousands of addresses efficiently.

Manage your asset

The Tokensoft Tokenization Platform is designed to serve your ongoing needs:

  • Use the Tokensoft Platform to automate and scale minting and burning events.
  • Use our reporting tools to help comply with regulatory requirements as needed.
  • Perform more complex operations when it comes to investigations that may arise from regulatory actions.
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