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Security Token Academy Member video wth TokenSoft's Mason Borda
Videos and Interviews

TokenSoft's Ron Gierlach talks with DeFi Prime about ERC-1404, an open standard for security tokens.

Event Panel: FinTech Silicon Valley - Digital Securities Post Regulation with Mason Borda.

Podcast: Mason Borda on Blockchain Technology Enabling a 24/7 and Global Digital Security Market

SFCDEVs Presents TokenSoft: Security Tokens and ERC-1404

ERC-1404: Simple Restricted Token Standard. Ron Gierlach at San Francisco Blockchain Week

Use Cases 

Hedera Hashgraph:

Building an enterprise grade distributed ledger with TokenSoft.

Technical Case Study: What we learned from sending over 1,000 Lightning Bitcoin payments.

Funds Use Case: Finding the required security and scale with TokenSoft's issuance platform and custody solutions.

Technical Case Study: Why Nomics API Was the API of Choice for TokenSoft

Technical Case Study: A primer on XPub, what it is and why it is used in the digital asset space.

In the News

Bitcoin Magazine: Blockstream Releases First Enterprise-Grade Product on Liquid with TokenSoft as a partner.

CoinDesk: TokenSoft Launches Crypto Custody Service for Security Tokens

IntelAlley: Digital Securities Take Another Step Toward Maturity, with perspectives from Mason Borda.

Coinspeaker: TokenSoft Expands Its Services Acquiring SEC-Registered Broker-Dealer

CoinDesk: 66 Startups About the Crypto Winter

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