Blockchain Projects & Token Sales

Providing tools and resources for managing a successful token sale. We tailor a customized onboarding experience for taking your investors through KYC and accreditation checks, all the way through payment contributions.

Manage Your Token Sale

Whether the offering requires accreditation verification, or standard KYC/AML checks, the Tokensoft investor onboarding experience can be customized to stay compliant with over 55+ jurisdictions served today.

Administrative Tools
Institutional-Grade Compliance

Case Studies


For the Avalanche Blockchain, we processed $10 million per hour for a total of $42 million, including 10,000 individuals and entities for a compliant U.S. and International offering.


In just 45 minutes, Taraxa was able to raise over $10m through the token sale launchpad.

The Graph

Our technology helped The Graph Protocol process and verify over 30,000 investors in a 2-week period for their token sale.


We assisted the Polkadot parachain-project, Acala in onboarding and verifying 20,000 investors in just 4 days.

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