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Tokensoft is the best place to bootstrap your community with a fair distribution and a fair launch.

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Tokensoft is the leading technology platform for getting your assets to market.

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Tokensoft at a Glance

We're committed to providing a secure, scalable and compliant solution for getting digital assets to market.

The Fairest (launch) of Them All

Layer one protocols use Tokensoft to fundraise and bootstrap their own, unique communities with a fair launch. That means that we actively monitor your sale to allow authentic community members while filtering out bots, whales and KYC farms.

Tokensoft works to ensure you have a fair launch and the highest quality community.

Leading Projects use Tokensoft

Tier-1 projects that raise from investors such as Polychain, A16Z and Paradigm use Tokensoft to get to market. Tokensoft carries a reputation for quality, scale and getting your digital asset to market on your terms.

Tokensoft works to understand your needs to ensure you can bootstrap your community on your terms.

Wrapped by Tokensoft, a product line by Tokensoft, enables a cross-chain institutional bridge for layer-one protocols. Tokensoft is used to manage the life-cycle of digital assets as they integrate with DeFi protocols on Polkadot, Celo, Stacks and Kadena.

Tokensoft for financial institutions

Financial institutions use Tokensoft to create digital assets. Tokensoft was the first to bring SEC-registered assets to market with Arca's ArCoin and INX. Tokensoft's tokens for financial institutions are the most widely traded today.

Through a third-party distributor, Tokensoft was first to tokenize equity under Switzerland's FINMA regulations.

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