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Tokensoft provides the technology to create digital assets, digital securities, stablecoins, and wrapped tokens.

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Tokensoft is the leading technology platform for issuers of blockchain assets.

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Tokensoft at a Glance

We are committed to providing a secure, scalable and compliant solution for getting digital assets to market.

Digital Assets

Projects like Avalanche, Acala and The Graph use Tokensoft to launch their sale and get to market.

Digital Securities

Issuer clients like INX and Arca Funds use Tokensoft to run their SEC-Registered offerings, issue and distribute their digital securities

Wrapped Assets uses Tokensoft's technology to bring fully collateralized Bitcoin and Ethereum equivalents to layer one protocols.

Smart Contract Integration

Tailored onboarding solution for processing investors through KYC checks for on-chain whitelisting

Asset Management

Our cap-table management and CRM software allow you to manage assets ongoing, from automated distributions to share redemptions

Streamline Fundraising

Raise money internationally, at scale while remaining in compliance with applicable regulations

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