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Bringing long term value to long term projects

$1 Billion+

Total Raised by Projects

$18 billion

Combined Market Cap Created


Assets Created


Unique On-Chain Addresses

1 million

Total Users

Tokensoft at a Glance

Build your community right, from day one.

  • Our Mission

    We started in 2017 to help developers launch tokens within compliance of applicable laws and in a scalable and secure manner. Today, we’re doing the same with a greater focus on growing and scaling your community through bespoke and more traditional events.

  • Your Community on Your Terms

    Whether it’s through incentivized testnets, token sales or grants programs. Tokensoft can help you onboard and automate the requisite compliance requirements and document signing.

  • Your Trusted Launch Partner

    The leading foundations use Tokensoft from day one to help ensure compliance guidelines are managed and automated in a single place. We've served projects that total $20bn+ in aggregate market cap including Avalanche, The Graph and Tezos.

Tokensoft by the Numbers

A community built on trust, and a company founded and forged by it's track record

$18 Billion

Combined Market Cap Created

The total fully diluted market capitalization of assets launched through Tokensoft is currently more than $18 billion and growing.


Assets Created

Tokensoft, Inc. is a leading launchpad in crypto that is responsible for launching more than 100 digital assets including Avalanche, The Graph, Synthetix, Hedera Hashgraph, Handshake, Moonbeam, and Acala.


Unique On-Chain Addresses

Tokensoft users have connected over 300k verified crypto wallets for KYC/AML or on-chain token sales.

1 Million

Total Users

Over the past 5 years, Tokensoft’s platform has provided sale experience for more than 1 million. Additionally, across all of the token sales, the average purchase size in the sales is over $4,000

What we do

The only chain-agnostic compliance platform. We help Projects and Communities bootstrap to build the future of Web3.

  • On-Chain Identity
  • Token sales
  • Air drops
  • Distributions
  • Grants Programs
  • Hackathons
  • Bespoke KYC/AML Solutions

About Us

Tokensoft Services

We provide a broad set of tooling to help manage and grow your community

Token Sales

We debuted our token sale service in 2017 to enable the launch of tokens in a compliant, scalable manner. We’ve helped projects like Avalanche, The Graph and many others raise $1 Billion in aggregate.

On-Chain Identity

On-chain identity has always been our core primitive, whatever your needs may be, we can help you link identities to address like we have with over one million users to date.

Air Drops

We launched our airdrop product with Handshake in 2018 as they concluded a fundraise from A16Z Crypto, Founders Fund and Polychain Capital. We can help meet complex compliance obligations and provide the technology from distributing tokens to a highly tailored user base.

Grant Programs

Foundation grants to reward protocol development have become common place. Whether it is the compliance, document signing or the funds management and transfer, we’re here to help coordinate and automate your compliance program.


We began supporting hackathons with The Graph and Arbitrum. Foundation distributions to hackathon winners carry compliance obligations, we’re here to help.

Bespoke KYC/AML Solutions

We’ve stepped up to the plate since 2017, helping projects automate and comply with securities regulations in over 50 countries. Our services have been audited by Ernst and Young, PWC and we’ve helped our customers meet some of the most complex, regulatory requirements out there. Whatever your needs, we’re happy to help.

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  • The Fairest of them All
  • We help Projects and Communities bootstrap and build the future of Web3
  • The only chain-agnositc Token sale platform

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