Amount Raised:
$24.5 Million
Sale Date:
9th Jul - 9th Oct 2021


Moonbeam was an invite-only sale meant to incrementally reward community members based on their level of interaction with the Moonbeam project. Tokensoft utilized its whitelist technology to segregate users to particular rounds. This ensured users were presented with the proper opportunity for GLMR allocation.




Moonbeam's invite-only sale took place as three separate events over the course of three days. The first round was presented as a guaranteed allocation for the most dedicated community members. This event was time bound and closed after 44 hours. Round 1 raised over $11m in 4,915 transactions. The second round allowed new participants plus those from the first round. Round 2 was presented as allocation bound, First Come-First Served. Round 2 raised over $8m in 3,423 transactions. Finally, the third round was for all the invited Moonbeam community members and offered as an allocation bound, First Come-First served event. Round 3 raised over $5m in 2,282 transactions.

Moonbeam smartly used the Tokensoft technology to reward their most dedicated community members and advocates while still keeping those new to the community engaged and eligible to participate in their GLMR sale. Moonbeam went on to win the second Parachain auction on the Polkadot network. Moonbeam now has a market cap of over $900m.


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