Amount Raised:
$61 Million
Sale Date:
17th Apr 2021, 20th Aug 2020 - 9th Jan 2021, 9th Mar 2021


In April 2021, Acala partnered with Tokensoft to hold a public sale to build the Acala Treasury. This offering was in preparation for the first Polkadot Parachain Auction.




Later, in October 2021, Acala held a hybrid sale with Tokensoft. The first event was a Guaranteed Allocation. Based on number of qualified users, Acala determined the Allocation for their Community Exclusive round. The qualification process was a joint effort between Tokensoft and Acala. Users that applied were verified to be eligible users through the KYC/AML process and then verified to be qualified community members or previous contributors to Acala 1 event held in April. This event was time bound, users had 44 hours to complete a purchase. The total raise for this round was $7m over 7,250 transactions.

Finally, Acala wished to open their token sale to any and all that qualified to participate in a First Come-First Served public sale. Tokensoft processed over 75,000 users over the course of 10 days through KYC/AML  to prepare for the public event. The public event was held over the course of 5 hours and the total raise was $43m in just over 20k transactions.

Acala utilized the capabilities of Tokensoft’s technology in that we can prioritize users to participate in specific events while opening other events for all. Sales can be time bound or allocation bound. Finally, purchases can be guaranteed or up to chance in the FCFS model.


Registered Sale Users


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