Vision & Mission

What We Do

We provide issuers with the technology to create, issue, redeem and trade digital assets, security tokens, and more.

Why We’re Here

We started Tokensoft in 2017 to streamline and improve the compliance and transfer procedures associated with securities transactions today. We're here to bring transparency and integrity to serve the securities market, internationally.

Where We’re Going

Become the leading provider of high-quality, globally accessible financial products.

Tokensoft Leadership

Mason Borda
Mason Borda
CEO & Co-Founder

Mason started his career at technology companies such as Boeing, SSL, and Broadcom. Mason entered the digital asset space in 2013, designing and building the infrastructure for a dollar-based blockchain. 2014 saw Mason co-founded payroll automation company Payroll Integrations, whose clients today comprise 14% of the US 401(k) market. In 2016, he built the first commercially viable custody solution on the Ethereum network.

Now, Mason guides the Tokensoft team in business strategy, business development and market planning.

James Poole
James Poole

James spent a decade building security software for companies like Symantec, Veritas and RSA Security. While at RSA James managed the engineering team for a $50 million product line designed to secure enterprise servers. In 2014 James entered the digital asset space designing tax reporting software and real-time payments infrastructure.

​At Tokensoft, he leads the engineering team in developing our suite of products. James holds a BS in Software Engineering and an MBA. In his free time, James can be found cycling along the California coast. 

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