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A Fair-launch platform for Web3 projects + communities

$1 Billion+

Total Raised by Projects

$18 billion

Combined Market Cap Created


Assets Created


Unique On-Chain Addresses

1 million

Total Users

tokensoft at a glance

A secure, scalable, and compliant solution for getting web3 projects to market

  • Your Trusted Launch Partner

    A Token Launch should be about bootstrapping a real, authentic community without bots or speculators. We've helped to create over $20bn+ in combined market cap. Building communities for projects like Avalanche, The Graph and Tezos.

  • Your Community on Your Terms

    Projects use Tokensoft to create the community experience that they are seeking. Whether it involves an incentivized testnet, token sale or a community bounty program, we’re here to help.

  • Our Mission

    We started in 2017 to help developers launch tokens within compliance of applicable laws and in a scalable and secure manner. Today, we’re doing the same with a greater focus on growing your own authentic community, fairly.

tokensoft by the numbers

A community built on trust, and a company founded and forged by it's track record

$18 Billion

Combined Market Cap Created

The total fully diluted market capitalization of assets launched through Tokensoft is currently more than $18 billion and growing.


Assets Created

Tokensoft, Inc. is a leading launchpad in crypto that is responsible for launching more than 100 digital assets including Avalanche, The Graph, Synthetix, Hedera Hashgraph, Handshake, Moonbeam, and Acala.


Unique On-Chain Addresses

Tokensoft users have connected over 300k verified crypto wallets for KYC/AML or on-chain token sales.

1 Million

Total Users

Over the past 5 years, Tokensoft’s platform has provided sale experience for more than 1 million. Additionally, across all of the token sales, the average purchase size in the sales is over $4,000

What we do

The only chain-agnositc Token sale platform. We help Projects and Communities bootstrap and build the future of Web3.

  • Regulatory Diligence
  • Community Onboarding
  • KYC & AML Checks
  • Investor Accreditation
  • Sale Management
  • Distribution
  • Institutional Support
  • Sybil Resistance
  • Auditing & Reporting  

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Are you Looking to launch a project?

  • The Fairest of them All
  • We help Projects and Communities bootstrap and build the future of Web3
  • The only chain-agnositc Token sale platform

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